she sprouted wings

the first time i met her it was summer on the coast of oregon :: laughter abounds
friendships bloom even with their farawayness (i love that)
her art draws me in :: mixed media

when danielle asked if i’d be interested in a collaboration with her, i jumped at the chance. i had seen her I Heart Prints series unfold and i was surprised at how easily the words came when i sat with her images. i love using word prompts as a jumping place for my own creativity but i had never before used a visual prompt (specifically, a piece of art a friend of mine has made) as a writing prompt for me. i love how it feels so organic, so full of story (both hers and mine)

the best part of danielle’s I Heart Prints series is not that she is creating new art each and every month (awesome!) but that she is offering them to you (you, me, us!) on her website as a downloadable print (that’s free!)

if you’d like to have a print of your very own (her art, my words) go check it out: she sprouted wings is available for the month of december.