30 days

during the month of november, i did a small gratitude project.
30 days of gratitude.

it seems like such a small task, to find gratitude each day… but as i’ve noticed with daily projects, the focus really draws your attention to all the little things in life we often take for granted. i am a firm believer in setting intentions, in saying wishes outloud, in beginning sentences with “I Will…”

with the new year fast approaching, and december quickly slipping into fast paced festivity, i would highly recommend a quiet month in which you could turn your words (or camera) on being thankful. the 13 images above are simply some of my favorite images captured. what i found to be truly helpful was putting pen to paper and writing down the words of gratitude.

life is all about the little things, isn’t it?
let’s make the most of it.


this november i was

* grateful for puddles that turn to ice overnight leaving magic portals for us to stomp on the way to meet the school bus.

*grateful for the mystery of morning fog.

*grateful for my morning walk and the snow that still lingers, the seasons and my own childlike innocence while looking towards my first new england winter.

*grateful for two rivers and a james. my life {and heart} is full.

*grateful for beautifully sunny days and exploring together.

*thank you covered bridges and mellow sundays and my sweet river.

*thankful for photography and good music that streams like sunshine from where i work.

*grateful that the migraine is gone.  light and dark keeps it all in balance.

*thankful for early mornings and our cozy nest.

*grateful for how his art reflects our life.

*happy to be exactly where i am supposed to be.

*grateful for piggyback rides and the man who gives them.

*thankful for boys who climb trees.

*thankful this day is almost done.

*grateful to work from home.

*grateful for the now familiar drive to portland, the friendship i find there, and the love that waits for my return back home.

*grateful for his hat of happiness.

*grateful for found treasures that inspire and remind me that sometimes photography lays dormant but it never leaves me completely.

*grateful for sunny days family laughter and birthday cake.

*grateful for his light {especially on a day that begins with a sick child, vomit, diarrhea, and cat pee}

*grateful for listening and being heard, chilly days, hot cocoa and marshmallows.

*grateful for seasons {and the fresh snowfall we anticipate tonight}

*grateful for snowshoes and sledding and family and laughter and friendship.

*thankful for a river who goes with the flow {and the new tradition of pineapple for thanksgiving}

*thankful for this quiet day with the man i love {dreaming up art}

*thankful for the history i carry with me {the view of what was and what now is}

*grateful for family trees {now matter how they grow} life is never black and white

*grateful he’s back home.

*grateful for the threads of art that are woven into our days.

*grateful for the everyday togetherness that comes with real life.