lobsters on the coast of maine

how long have i dreamt of maine? with a babe in arms and a mind full of insomnia i’d cruise around new england via internet in the dark of night… searching for something i knew existed out there somewhere. it took me nearly seven years to find it. but here i am.

my first winter in new england (oh how my ancestors would be proud) the combination of snow on sand and salt spray from biting ocean winds… i am full of stories. and not just my own. i carry my mothers stories with me for strength. gathering sea water in lobster pots, her tiny frame sloshing freezing cold water back to the cottage where lobsters waited their fate.

what better way to celebrate my first winter in new england than to do a lobster dip?! yes, i’m going to jump into the freezing cold atlantic ocean off the coast of maine this new years day.

“that’s batshit crazy!” she said, and we both laughed, knowing it made perfect sense. i’ll be joined by a dear friend and fellow shutter sister, because last year at this time i made a wish and it came true. and now here i am.

i’m doing this for me, for my own personal reasons. and the special olympics of maine gets to reap some benefit. support me if you can, even just $1 helps. you can donate on my personal fundraiser page.

thank you!!