slowing down to see

If you are like me, the months of winter spin past in a sort of whirlwind chaos. It is goodness of course: the lights, the sparkle, the baking, the family. It seems the short days and long nights are packed full with celebration and time spent together. I find myself trying to cram it all in. Cram it into what? A memory for the shoebox full of photos? What about right now as it’s happening? Being present is a present.

This is my wake up call. To feel the swirling of energy that comes with the season of holidays. To feel it tugging at my pant leg and instead of hurrying past onto my next task, I’ll bend down as if to embrace a child in need. This year let me take the sometimes frantic feeling of the holiday, and let me slow down to figure out my place in the center of all this celebration and tradition.

Yes, I am a baker of tasty goods. I am a wrapper of presents. I am also chauffer, teacher, cheerleader, and partner. These are some of the pieces that make the whole of me. Let me not forgot that who I am is at the core of all these labels. This year as I enjoy the lights that sparkle around my family, I will look more closely to find myself and catch a breath of peace as I remember my heart. Even if it’s a simple reflection in a tree ornament, it will be enough to act as reminder of the magic.