blank canvas

Our daily walk through the woods became single file. The snowshoes lead the way; they break trail, leaving footsteps for everyone else to follow. Step with caution, walk with intention, be mindful of those around you.

This is my first winter in New England. I find myself approaching it with a giddiness and certain childlike innocence that borders on naive. Of course I remember the snows of my past life: I’ve driven in snow, I’ve dug out from blizzards, I’ve had my hair freeze to straw. But this? Love and family and motherhood circling around as the snowflakes sparkle? This is something new and very much welcome in my life. I remember now the magic: the quietness that comes with snowfall and the bright sunny days that feel too warm after a good storm. What I had forgotten was how the winter world creates a blank canvas on which we stand. What we do with this new world is completely up to us. The freedom of vast whiteness is exhilarating. Just as a painter stares at what will become new art, we take a breath of crisp air and look out upon the world.

Winter is most certainly a time of hibernation, but this year I’m also seeing it as a fresh start. A blank canvas on which to walk. How do I want to carry through the day? How do I want to express my thoughts? What words am I choosing? How do I want to remember this moment? When winter slows down, it leaves space for us to gather our thoughts. This season of new beginnings is a great time to take a look around your world and see what makes it spin. Join me this month in taking steps in a more positive direction. Let the snowshoes lead the way.


ps: tomorrow morning i’ll be jumping in the atlantic ocean off the coast of maine!
wish me luck!