something new

we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. (43 degrees outside) NO snow no freezing rain no sleet (as we had been seeing for weeks) and the water temp was 45 degrees.

the energy of the crowd was really something. i knew i’d be nervous, but i was downright giddy. i just couldn’t believe i was going to do it. i was going to submerge my entire body into that cold cold ocean. hell yeah!

it’s weird what you remember from events. not the music, but the visuals of everyone around us. at one point everyone started jumping up and down, warming their cold feet on cold sand and i felt like a kid surrounded by other kids. the energy was contagious and happy and so so good. the visuals came in slow motion, people dancing and laughing with no sound. adrenaline is such a trip.

then the countdown. the hard part was running and running towards that vast sea. the tide was WAY out. i was giddy the whole time, smiling with wind in my teeth, smiling big just feeling like a kid running forever into dreamspace.

then reaching the ocean and running into it… it felt so strange on my legs, intense cold and slow motion running in and under and not even remembering anything but seeing other people’s faces coming out of the water. i came up out of the cold, it was SO FUCKING COLD, it took my breath and my ribs hurt from breathing in the cold. what i remember the most was when i came up out of the water (head wet) i was surprised by SALT. right? it’s the fucking ocean. it’s salt water. but i was so taken by the salt. it tasted so good. felt so good on my skin.

overall it rocked. i was energized and warmed from the inside. the entire experience was more than what i thought it would be. wow.

view it on youtube and watch kristin’s slideshow for her perspective as well.

thank you thank you for all your support, comments, and best wishes for me as i took this plunge into 2012.

xo meredith