the power of words

sometimes we get hung up on words {on labels to define ourselves} who am i to you? what is this path this career this passion? words are tricky that way, acting like spiderwebs that can keep us in corners.

yet words can also be very liberating. especially when set with intention.

every month over at Shutter Sisters, we play a little game called The One Word Project. it’s fun to set your focus on a word and find it in images. every year it seems, we all gather to set our intentions on a word (or two or three) that will carry us into the new year.

last year i never said my words out loud.

i’ve learned that there’s something powerful about stating intentions out loud. there’s something strong in beginning sentences with “I Will…” so, this year i’m doing it different. there are the words i hold close to me, words like simplify and trust.

but even with those words so close to my heart, i felt there was something missing. when i was driving to the coast the other day, it hit me. how those words are beautiful and meaningful to me, yet they lacked something that i was craving for this year. action. i needed an action word. and as the pine trees zipped past me in a snowy blur i thought about how i wanted to live this year. i thought about how i started this year. and all of a sudden it hit me.


jump because it’s scary. jump because it makes you smile. jump because it makes your heart race. jump into life with both feet because why not? jump because life is not about stagnation. jump in the face of new adventures. jump and grab life by the balls. jump and then jump again.


be sure to check out the video chris put together of all our one words. it just might inspire you to choose a word of your own.