NOW :: Nurturing Ourselves Workshop

NOW for some exciting news! NOW for something near and dear to my heart: I’ve partnered with my good friend and fellow shutter sister Kristin Zecchinelli to create NOW workshops. We are so excited to announce that we’ll be launching our classes this May at Teahouse Studio in California!

NOW mantra:

Empowerment through photography can be life changing. It’s through self-portraiture that we learn to look kindly at ourselves. Let your camera guide you. The goal of NOW is inspiration, empowerment, and confidence building through photography. This workshop will be a fun environment in which to safely jump into the world of self portraiture.

Description of class:

• NOW workshops hopes to encourage photographic exploration. This results in giving women back the control in how they see themselves.

• Through this workshop you will come away with images to remind you the beauty of seeing and being seen.

• Are you ready to be find that brave beautiful you that dwells inside?

Kristin and I have put our hearts into creating this new workshop. It has been a labor of love for us: meeting weekly with walks and talks and phone calls and chai and laughter. The words and thoughts come so easily when it’s something you feel so passionately about. We both have learned so much about self through our own journeys in photography and we are eager to inspire you and other women on this path.

To learn more about our May classes at Teahouse Studio click on over here.
And stay tuned for our forthcoming NOW workshop website launching soon!