between here and there

so much can happen in a matter of minutes.

it happened as i stood on this coast, facing down the beauty of my path. {the reality that surprises me with strong emotional bear hugs} i live here. i live here now, after years of pining, after years of knowing that my world was larger than what austin texas could provide. after years of working towards a goal a career a passion, after years of watching relationships grow and bloom behind art and photography in the online world… i live here now. after knowing my place, the place that called to me from a deep sleep. moments after this coastline: i stepped out into a gallery opening, saw smiles in person, saw art that resonates, met like-minds, and laughed at life.

i am here, exactly where i am supposed to be.

as i stood on this coast and took this photo at ten after five last friday evening, he fought a house fire and parented three boys through emergency. flames and electricity and gas lines and fire extinguishers and burning insulation and water from our stream collided with the reoccuring dream of his youth.

smoke and ash.
burnt smells don’t leave willingly.
everyone is ok. the pets are ok. we are ok.

we are extremely grateful.
and yet it’s heavy still, the face of fear.

as i stood on this coast i had no idea how quickly it could all vanish. poof. it goes up in a cloud of smoke that the wind carries to the barn and apple orchard. yes, i know how life gets taken slowly, painfully, with children to witness. but what i had forgotten was the speed at which it can change if you don’t respond, react, and fucking jump into action.

pay attention to the hairs on your neck.
pay attention to your dreams.

we have tremendous family support. we have our home and our belongings. we will have power and running water again soon. we have each other. and as cliche as that sounds, it’s the only thing that carries us through this space

{between here and there.}

thanks for all the love and support
xo, meredith