taproot magazine

i am so pleased to share some exciting news with you! today, amanda soule announced the welcoming of Taproot Magazine to the world. i am beyond happy to be a contributor for this print magazine, you will find my photography and words in between these pages joined by an amazing group of artists and writers… it is everything i dreamed of (and more)! it’s a project steeped in something i’ve been craving, something my life has pulled me towards and now embraces… witnessing the birth process of this print magazine has been so good for my heart (and to be part of this creative process, i feel much gratitude)  so today is most definitely a celebratory day when it is announced to the world!

in her own words, amanda soule, editor of Taproot, expresses the magazine’s ethos so well:

“At taproot, we believe in place. That in this modern world with technology and noise coming at us from every and all directions, that we need even more real and tangible skills and connection in this world. Which is why you won’t find taproot as an online magazine. You won’t find us on Facebook or Twitter. We won’t be one more place online you need to ‘keep up with.’ And you won’t find our pages full of the noise of traditional print advertising, either.

taproot is, instead, intented to encourage a slower, more mindful presence as it comes into your home four times a year. We hope that the art, stories, crafts, food, and poetry in the pages of taproot will serve as entertainment, education, and inspiration on your journey.”

we will be having a Taproot Magazine launch party in Portland, Maine this March. if you’re in the area, you should stop by and say hello!

“We’re celebrating our launch at Longfellow Books on Sunday, March 18 at 2:00PM. Editor Amanda Blake Soule, publisher Jason Miller, writer Stacy Brenner and artist Meredith Winn will be on hand to share stories from our first issue, hot off the press. Join us! And yes, there will be some snacks (all local fare, natch!).”