thinking in series

as i move throughout my day i take notice of the light.
(we all do this, don’t we?)

as a photographer, i make a point to take notice of everyday ordinary moments. the everyday ordinary moments often slip through our fingers faster than we can grab our cameras. i used to wrestle with this concept (the slipping away of lost moments) and then i gave into simply being in it (making peace with no camera in front of my eye).

as i became more mindful without my camera, we settled into our new home. it was then that i was greeted (and gifted) with this new space and light. it was too good to walk past each day, so last fall i began grabbing my iphone (simply because it was usually there in my pocket or on the kitchen counter)… and i found myself documenting it again and again, this space where we gather. a space i can use like a backdrop, then simply wait for the players to take stage.

and so a new series was born. (my couch series) born out of light and family and comfy spots where we gather in sickness and in health. a place where we celebrate birthdays and watch movies and play video games. a place where we suffer migraines, where we bicker, and where we laugh.

everyday ordinary moments.