Now You :: the e-course

It’s hard to explain, but part of me needs to visually define my outer boundaries of who I am as a person, woman, mother, sister, daughter, lover. There is no easier (nor harder) way to do this than through photography. Dare I say self portraiture helps me understand myself. It definitely helps me to be kind to myself, and remember who I am on the days when it’s easy to forget.

Now, after four+ years of self portraits, after traveling to meet like minded women and speak about my self portrait journey; it feels like the ultimate study of self. It has brought me a sense of quiet confidence, even as it brings me more questions about who i am. This is growth (and it is welcome here).

This project of self I can only define as me seeking grace in the conflict. Seeking beauty in the decay. My self portraits document where I have been and where I am going. A circular timeline put on repeat. This is the peace within. The flurry and chaos. The solitude and stillness of wind. The reminder that life is blooming, that growth moves us forward with joy and anticipation. Self portraits are my practice in remembering it is ok to sit with the silence. And that through all the wreckage and reality, life is still beautiful.

Lessons come from being on the other side of the lens.
(These are thoughts on being seen.) Being seen is as important as sharing your voice.

I am worthy.
And so are you.

Now is the time to take back the control of how we see ourselves. Through the process of self portraiture, we come away with images to remind us the beauty of seeing… and being seen.

As women, we are all these pieces of self.
NOW is the time to embrace it.

NOW YOU :: the beginning

Welcome to the first in a series of self portraiture classes provided online by Kristin Zecchinelli & Meredith Winn. Now You is a 6 week introductory e-course that will turn your camera lens inward as we explore the everyday beauty of self portraits.

NOW YOU mantra

Empowerment through photography can be life changing. It’s through self-portraiture that we learn to look kindly at ourselves.  Let your camera guide you.  The goal of NOW YOU is inspiration, empowerment, and confidence building through photography. This workshop will be a fun environment in which to safely jump into the world of self portraiture.

Themes to be explored in NOW YOU :: the beginning

  • details of you
  • roots and wings
  • reflections
  • whimsy
  • at arms length
  • eye contact

Now You workshops have a personal focus on permission and safety.  Letting down our masks, our guards, honoring the real, the beautiful, the silly, the NOW.

Description of class:

  • six weeks of online collaboration
  • class runs Monday April 23- Friday June 1, 2012
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday prompts delivered to your inbox
  • Friday fun! Password protected video from Kristin & Meredith with the weeks overview
  • Private flickr group to share your self portrait journey and access our group discussions

Registration opens today!

Be sure to check out our website for more details like who we are, pricing and how to register, details about the e-course, and other faq’s. Class size is limited, so click on over to read more and reserve your spot in class!

Registration open :: March 27- April 22, 2012
Limited class size :: register early to reserve your spot!
The self portrait journey begins :: Monday April 23, 2012

Are you ready to be find that brave beautiful you that dwells inside? We understand the importance of creating a safe environment to explore your image of self. Your one and only job is to come fully open; open heart, open mind. Set yourself free of expectation and judgment. Seek and find yourself through your lens.

Kristin and I are so very excited to get started…
We hope to see you there!