she was proud

i kept gazing at it, like some mirage off in the distance. after our picnic lunch, we took off on a walk so we could get closer. up near the dunes, where the river meets the sea, there was a dry storage of sorts. she sat up on blocks with a for sale sign taped to the stern.

the colors are what grabbed my attention, and yes, how she sat there proudly as if to sail off into the air. but oh, those colors! we all gravitate towards favorites. and this color combination tugs at my heart the most. the boldness it invokes in me and my photography is perhaps why i find myself shooting similiar tones again and again. can colors make you stronger, more submissive, more aggresive, more melancholy? i allow myself to be more vibrant when shooting colors like this while behind the lens. i don’t question this, i simply acknowledge it and gather these strong colors around me like a boisterous tribe of friends.