gathering words images raindrops and firewood

it’s my mother’s coat. and everytime it rains i get happy because i wear it and keep her close. the happy, green, big hooded jacket that conjures up childhood memories of puddles and holding hands.

and so it goes today… the rain is welcome, turning our world green. i find myself gathering words images raindrops and firewood. it couldn’t be a better start to the week.

today is the first day of NOW YOU Workshops :: The Beginning!

we are so excited to be sharing this journey with over a hundred women from all across the world! (world map is coming soon, it’s quite impressive and humbling to see all the countries and states represented… all these NOW YOUer’s putting themselves out there… bravehearts!)

registration for NOW YOU closed early due to an overwhelming response and a full class. due to this, we’ll be offering a 6 week summer class this july (registration details and dates coming soon) if you have any questions, feel free to contact us (subscribing to our newsletter will be a great way to stay informed of updates to our classes)

here’s to the journey!