sleep perchance to dream

scanography, n., the process of capturing digitized images for the purpose of creating art using a flatbed scanner.

as we began our journey into self portaits last week with the launch of NOW YOU Workshops, many a great discussions were had about self portraiture. a friend shared a link to inspiration she found on the flickr blog about scanography … and it got me really curious to try something new!

the results can be so dreamlike or eerie, depending on your mood and what you choose to focus on. many years ago, friends and i would make xeroxed copies of images similiar to this only with cool effects in black and white, but nothing prepared me for what i saw after i laid my face on my scanner bed this week! it perfectly summed up my dizzy morning and head full of dreams that swirled around me and one sick little boy.

to get lost in something creative was exactly the outlet i needed to step outside of myself even if just for that moment.