i am enough

i am enough.
thoughts become things.
i am enough now. although, there was a time when i didn’t believe it. not wholeheartedly atleast. sure, i said it aloud as if to coax myself into believing the words that fell from my mouth like loose teeth. i was a little girl for a long time, lost in my mind, wanting to be grown up but not quite sure i got the same instruction manual as everyone else.

i remember when I Am Enough was born,  and all the women and strengths that poured through there… i read each one wondering why my own words weren’t coming.

be gentle with yourself.

i was looking at my light. i was pining for it, off in the distance i could see it. but i had not stepped into my light yet.

i am enough.
i learned it through my camera lens.
photography taught me to see myself.

i believe it now. from the soles of my feet to the greying hairs on my head. and whether it comes from fires that we walk through or if it arrives with age or circumstance or positive reinforcements shouting their love… i am enough.

right here. right now.
i am enough.

this shyness. this struggle with voice. this motherloss. this grief… i am enough.
this co-parenting, this blended family, this newness…. i am enough.
this passion, this career, this vision i see… i am enough.

i am.


today i’m sharing these words as part of a self-kindness collaboration, I Am Enough, the brainchild of tracey clark. a few years ago, this sacred space came to exist and it became the home to many brave women who had a story to share.  a space to honor yourself, your journey, your truths, and your image. a space where your words can come to live alongside many other women. a tribe of sorts: women chanting their truths.

thank goodness a place like this exists, the world is kinder for it.