now and again

i revisit this photo from time to time. taken at the very start of NOW YOU workshops, before that baby was born, before the journey started. it’s me, hibernating.

some things never change, right? i can expect that now. the same routine for me: write, sleep, play, fall silent. here we are now in our six and final week of class and i wonder where the time went. and i look through the images collected over this month and a half, and i am blown away at the simple fact of what community can inspire in us. what a beautiful thing to be part of.

this is how it goes: time flies away from us. we shed it like our winter coat, when suddenly we are lighter and sunburnt and giddy with spring. now summer… barefeet, mossy grass, creekside.

time gets away from me with work and life and life and work. it’s now the end of may and the beginning of a goodbye that will stretch the full length of summer. we stand on the cusp of newness and feel the wind and sun. we feel the push and pull, the dance of motherhood and childhood. i don’t write in this space because i can’t seem to find the words. i let it go and busy myself and stay afloat and learn and laugh and love and i trust that the time will come again for me and this blog.

there’s no better place to start, now and again. life is on repeat. i should learn to expect this, and yet i’m caught by surprise each and every time.

hi. it’s good to see you.