Monthly Archive: June, 2012

the things we hold dear

i awoke with a start at 3:30am sometimes the worry seeps in when love is far away. when transitions shift us into new dynamics that stretch the boundaries we once found so comfortable.… Continue reading


longest travel day spent in flight. traveling east to west, fueled by a first aid kit and the longest sunset ever. blue. the phone call from the west coast that came so timely… Continue reading

now me, now you

there was something quite unexpected about the spring session of now you workshops. it was our first e-course and i don’t know why it hit me so suddenly… (doh!) that i would actually… Continue reading

when memory ends

alongside the vinyl records in our art studio (also known as “the little yurt”) are a stack of familiar yellow magazines. the collection of yellow bindings scream National Geographic. they span across the years…… Continue reading

NOW YOU :: summer session

it’s here… today is june 4th and that means that kristin zecchinelli and i are opening registration for the summer session of NOW YOU :: the beginning there’s not much i can say.… Continue reading

life as it is

right here. right now. life in new england. spring turns to summer with thunder and lightening. beach days and city streets. ice cream cones and parasols. we gather together outside as much as… Continue reading

summer school

Because we had such an overwhelming response, and because you asked… Kristin Zecchinelli and I are happy to announce a second offering of Now You :: The Beginning  Registration opens next Monday, June 4th.… Continue reading