summer school

Because we had such an overwhelming response, and because you asked… Kristin Zecchinelli and I are happy to announce a second offering of
Now You :: The Beginning 
Registration opens next Monday, June 4th.
Limited class space available, so don’t miss out!

Now You :: The Beginning Summer Session is a 6 week self portraiture e-course designed to get YOU into your frame. The course begins Monday, July 9th and ends on Friday, August 17th.

We are just now wrapping up the very first session (Spring) of this very course and let me tell you it has been an amazing journey! Today is actually the official last day of class. Brave beautiful women those ladies are.
Thank you Spring class. You are the first, the pioneers now you. what an honor it has been.

For those of you considering this spark of creativity (or for those of you who shy away from self portraits) check out the gallery of amazing self portraits from some of the women of NOW YOU. If you are like me, you will be blown away by what they saw and created and captured … and shared so openly.

I have been honored to share a space at NOW YOU with these women. And if the time is right, I’d love to share a space with you as well this summer.