NOW YOU :: summer session

it’s here… today is june 4th and that means that kristin zecchinelli and i are opening registration for the summer session of NOW YOU :: the beginning

there’s not much i can say. you are either drawn to self portraits or you are not. something in you might be curious… and if this is the case, then i want to say other one thing:  take a look at these women. these are just a handful of the inspiring souls who pioneered our first NOW YOU class with strength and grace. look at the words and images that were born from their self portrait journey and ask yourself what it is you’d like to see in yourself.

and then go pick up your camera.
for that is truly all that matters.

perhaps we’ll see you this summer?
{i’d love to share a space with you and take this journey together}

you can find registration information here and details to class dates here as well.