now me, now you

there was something quite unexpected about the spring session of now you workshops. it was our first e-course and i don’t know why it hit me so suddenly… (doh!) that i would actually need to be taking self portraits. yes, even on days when i didn’t feel like it. it’s hard to take your own medicine, isn’t it? practice what you preach, they say.  so, i took the class alongside so many brave and talented women… and it really opened up my eyes (again) to the world of self portraiture.

i looked through their eyes, some just new to the journey, and some further along. and it was so nice to have the community and support of others along a similiar path. by the end of class i had run out of words for gratitude. i was humbled, completely, by the outpouring these women showed through their photography. and in turn, what i created through my own process of self portraiture.

now, at the end of class (and the beginning of our summer registration) i am humbled again with their words of love, their images still hold strong in my mind as i pick up my camera and turn it around on myself and will continue to do so with each class i teach.

kristin and i are super excited for summer, and registration for that class is filling up fast! we can’t believe it. we’d love to see you there and welcome you into the now you community. it’s a beautiful place to be.