the things we hold dear

i awoke with a start at 3:30am

sometimes the worry seeps in when love is far away. when transitions shift us into new dynamics that stretch the boundaries we once found so comfortable. stretching is good, i know this. it never gets easier, though. i never become as flexible as i hope to be. this is my momma heart that wakes me and forces me outside into the arms of birdsong.

the light is purple at 3:30am

as i stepped out into the early hours of morning, the bats darted and flew about sporadically. i bore witness to the chaos, held it close, and let it go. i am constantly amazed at the strength of the heart. of what we are capable of experiencing without imploding upon ourselves.  i’m always somewhat amazed by the human spirit.

i told myself i would write more this summer. i would let it out (and by doing so, i would let it in.)

early next week i’ll find myself down south in the heat and humidity. looking into the face of a mother, a reflection of my self, a hand to hold, the daughter she knows by name. i’m not sure yet how that will be but i’m putting on my brave face and keeping those things i hold dear very close to my heart.

. . . . . . . .

during the last session of NOW YOU i began dabbling with scanography. the above image was the result of words that would not come, it’s now part of a photographic series. if you’re interested in learning more about the self portrait process, there are just a few spots left in our summer class (this is the last week registration will be open) you never know, you just may stumble upon a process that helps heal you as it does me.