welcome august

the month i’ve been waiting for: the dangling carrot of time that will become art walks, live music, festivals, beach days, arcades, boston, drive-in movies, and the return of my sweet boy river (just to name a few of the things i’ll be loving this month!)

and so i welcome august with a grand sweeping gesture. i tried hard not to wish my summer away. i tried hard to be in the moment, to feel it all whether full of love or frustration, relaxation or heartache. but a tiny part of me was missing, and i’d be lying if i said i hadn’t wished this summer away so our life could get back to normal. (for whatever normal means on any given day.)

yes, i know there are two families, two homes, two separate lives… just as it is for many children of divorce. but that thought doesn’t make it any easier. river’s father and i are mindful of our son’s elliptical existence that spans the distance between us. he is always missing someone. and we are gentle as we can be with transitions when they come. when he is home, he is missing dad. when he is away, he is missing us. this push pull becomes the family dynamic, because this is how our family is constructed: out of tiny pieces spread far and wide, sewn together with threads of love and trust and safety. this fact is worldwide for so many of us (families of divorce and blended families, both sewing the seams back together in new patterns) it makes me want to wrap so many children in hugs. it makes me wonder what the future will hold, if these children will grow up viewing marriage or family with certain eyes. everything comes around and goes around and seeps deep into our subconscious whether we know it or not. and reality is reality. this is family. because this is what is.

{i can spin myself dizzy with thoughts like these}

so it couldn’t be better timing then, that shutter sisters has launched a photo a day challenge for the month of august. a practice of mindfulness (for me, for you) and to ‘elevate the everyday’ of your life through photography. you can play along with me if you like, the majority if not all of my photos will be taken with my iphone, another practice in simplicity. and just like my 30 days of gratitude last november, i found it to be cathartic in the art of being present. (you can read more about the challenge and how to participate by popping over to shutter sisters for details)

at the end of august, to celebrate, i’ll be giving away a copy of tracey clark’s new book Elevate the Everyday (i’m thrilled and honored to be a contributor in this lovely creation! more to come on that bit of information… soon!) another day, another blog post.

so here we go. day 1. it’s a wednesday morning and the light comes in the kitchen as it always does, reminding me of photos throughout the year i take as we eat breakfast, have tea, celebrate birthdays, and do art. this morning was no different as one boy picked up his pencil and paper. later he told me he missed river. we all do, buddy. he’ll be home soon.

“there is only the quiet house each morning, filled with soft breathing while you hold your tea in the cool air & always that moment when your love spreads a cloth upon the table & invites the whole day in again.”