the power of imagery

a year ago i stood on the curb, just before taking my son’s hand. i looked up and took this shot with my iphone. the humor in it still lingers. this, a view that came to the town i spent my teenage years  trying to escape. and there i was, back again after 18 years away. just moments before the universe shifted and let me know my home was much further north… in new england, actually. that’s a whole different story, but one i think of each and everytime i see this image.

what is america?
to me: freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness.

this is one of the images i submitted to Vista Branding for their mobile phone photography contest “What is America?” i’m thrilled to announce this image was selected as one of 50 finalists! out of 1400 images, this is quite an honor.

i wanted to take this time to invite you over to the photo album of photography finalists. each “like” counts as a vote and you have until friday, august 24 at noon EST. this is the people’s choice! the judges will start picking their winner this month, too. the 6 grand prize winners will be announced on august 27.

thanks for taking the time to seek this inspiration, you will love so much of what you see from the finalists… i’m sure it’s going to be hard to choose a winner!