expressions of self for DP Magazine

this week begins the last week of NOW YOU :: the beginning (summer session) it’s been a pretty amazing summer rediscovering all the ways of pushing and pulling comfort zones through photography and self portraiture in particular.

as sad as i am to say goodbye to summer, i’m secretly overcome with joy too. and fall will prove equally as exciting as the weather turns crisp, the cider is pressed, and leaves begin to turn. we are writing content for our new NOW YOU :: digging deeper course that will begin this fall. (stay tuned for more details as to when registration opens)

i really enjoy getting to the point of why and how and huh? that comes with the concept of self. it’s a doozy of a subject, that’s for sure. and the dreamer in me really likes pondering why we are how we are, and what we can do (or use, like art for example) to peel away these layers of self until we can see a kinder more gentle view of ourselves as humans.

if you find yourself curious about these expressions of self, you can find a feature article i wrote for DP Magazine. i’m thrilled to be featured in DP Mag again, and even happier that they wanted an additional tutorial on my multiplicity style of self portraiture as well. i truly unmask the optical illusion in this step by step tutorial! you can read both of these articles online now, and you can find the How-To issue on news stands this fall. if you feel so inclined, you can leave a comment over there at DP and let us know what you think of self portraiture!