everydayness (the elevation of) and a giveaway

i photograph from a place of everyday. i write from that same place as well. it’s just what i’m driven to do (like many of you, too.) there is nothing quite like “the moment” that begs to be documented, scribbled upon, filtered, and scanned. if we shed light on our everyday, we shed light on one another. because here we are, each in our own worlds (cubicles, states, countries, bubbles of existence) doing the same thing each and every day. our point is to connect. this is the human way.

creativity comes at the most unexpected times, doesn’t it? i try not to question it for fear of the muse fluttering away with a bag full of ideas. this photo below was me, quite literally, in one of the messiest points of my life. in the face of a hurricane, i happened to be writing for a deadline that was to become Elevate the Everyday for Tracey Clark. it also happened to be the dark hole that was August 2011. everyone needs a dark hole, it’s the only way for us to appreciate the light. funny, how life comes full circle one year later. and the words that were spilled at this time, still very much represent who i am and why i do the things i do. i am honored to see them in print, alongside so many other touching stories.

it’s an honor to be a contributor to this amazing book. Tracey really has a way with words. Teaching and speaking from the heart of the matter, she has a beauty about her that really resonates for so many of us. it’s not just a book about photography; but one of motherhood, sisterhood, womanhood and all the things that bring us together. she gathered around her some pretty fine women, mothers, photographers. many of whom are mentors of mine. it’s humbling, really, to find myself in these pages.

if you don’t already own a copy of your own, now’s your chance. i’m so happy to have a giveaway because i know the woman who receives this book is truly getting a gift. so, please leave a comment here on this blog post anytime this week (from friday 8/17 – thursday 8/23) and i will announce the winner next friday August 24th.

the people at paper coterie are putting together a great collection of quotes from some of the Elevate the Everyday contributors. you can find mine here too! if you are so inclined, pop over to get your free download!