on common ground

today we stand on common ground.

just saying that makes my heart spin. holding hands, we walk together. all the while acknowledging these threads that guide us in the direction of our hearts desire… well, sometimes it’s overwhelming. every now and then i find myself walking inside of someone’s photos. this is true in a place such as this: common ground fair. there are places i pined after for nearly seven years. places that called to me like mermaids off the shoreline. places that felt like home, like childhood, like life. places such as these.

we stand on common ground. here in these woods that surround us.

it’s guaranteed that today i’m slinging my camera with eyes wide open and mouth formed into permanent smile with baskets full of honey, cider, soap, and beef jerky. today i’ll be capturing the beauty around us and the people who make it all so full of joy. i’ll be seeing my love make music, watching our boys play with friends, honoring a magazine created to dig deeper, and enjoying the local (and organic!) businesses that help this community thrive.

please enjoy these images from Common Ground 2011 and know that i’ll be back (later this week) with eye candy from Common Ground Fair 2012!