the fair

through the fog… we drive past ponds where steam rises and i note the time of day and morning light and my desire to drive back this way alone with my camera and tripod.

we are on the cusp of season change.
leaves are turning, weather is crisp.
this is fall.

what marks this time of year (for me, now always) is making our way north to unity maine to explore the common ground fair. it’s hard to express with words, the feeling you have while walking, so i gathered up my images from the day into a slideshow.

this time of year will always mark my welcome. and will always leave me full of story and awe. as we drove away towards the sunset of late september i thought about my happy heart and how it is easily filled in a space like this: a slower pace, we walk together and alone exploring the fibers and crafts and vendors. we laugh as the kids ride cardboard down the burm for hours upon hours. we smile at each other as they venture out on their own, in their pack of friends and taste of independence… and we think of years to come as they grow older as we watch them walk away from us. we enjoy this childhood now, as it is fleeting with face paints and lemonades. this is quite literally a common ground: where your tribe resides. and where you run into friends and share the progress of the past year and talk about the winter to come. it’s where you meet new friends, hugs are exchanged and we know our paths will cross again at next years fair. this space, one step at a time, is where we become family.

there’s comfort in that.
in the magic.
the simplicity.