how we dance into fall

it’s a quiet remembering.

the cooler wet weather creeps in; we light the first fire of the season. we walk slowly into this season, although outside feels much like a quickening is happening… we try not to let that vibe drive our energy as we enjoy the colors and crispness that beckons us outside. and yet there is still so much to do: wood to be stacked. yurts to be finished from the inside out. floors to be stained (we are getting ready for our big shifting of space for this blended family!) greenhouses to be built (oh my! oh yes! oh thank you to have soil to play in this winter!)

our plate is full at this time of year
it’s important to dance gently into the season.

the quiet remembering comes in cold hands seeking warm mugs. the geese that fly over the yurt in morning. tea kettles whistle and i remember my stashes of tea that have rested all summer. we find warm breakfasts in biscuits from scratch, and we seek cozy suppers from chili with cornbread. each of these seasonal transitions finds me forgetting what was, and then remembering what is. they are one and the same. this detail causes me to smile. i have lived here over just one year now.

i find comfort in that.
it’s like a welcome hug from home.

if you’re feeling the season change and you’re finding woolens and knits and missing hats like me, you might enjoy the current issue of Taproot Magazine. We are over on the lovely Quince and Co blog today with inspiration and gratitude … and mittens! Pop over there to read more about what you’ll find in between the pages of this Taproot issue, and you might just find a welcome hug from home while you’re there.