inside. outside. upside. down.

how we view the world through our camera lens often helps us shape the world we experience in our day to day life.

the morning i saw this image in the puddle reflection, we were both feeling something in the space between mother and son. it was a hug and a tug of parenthood and childhood. we were bridging a gap and it conjured up memories and old stories long forgotten. i am often surprised by the things he remembers and the timing of when he shares this with me. i wanted to document the feeling of this morning in a way that didn’t show a particular expression, but instead, painted a picture of how i felt from our conversation.

since i have a camera with me absolutely everywhere i go, river is used to this fact even in his rebellion of it. i now find myself explaining my process to him, as he is often the witness to my creative spark (and with reluctance to have his photograph taken these days) i hear myself telling him, “i’m focusing on your shoes, the details of your face with be lost in this puddle reflection.” by talking outloud to him about my process it puts him at ease that i won’t try to sneak in a picture of him unwillingly. this also gives him the ability to be part of it the process. so, when we view the final image, perhaps he carries that vision with him as he ventures out into his world. and the next time i find him gazing into puddles looking for another dimension, i will smile to myself at the future he might hold in his own imagination.