in gratitude

you could say i’ve been hibernating. it’s been __ days (fill in the blank because reality is subjective. so is time and space when thoughts swirl me back to this place but words fall flat for all i traveled and experienced this past month and so this space remains quiet but loud in my heart. and if i actually go look at a calendar to count how many days i’ve neglected this blog (since oct 19th) it’ll just about break my spirit)

so, let’s move forward, shall we?
a slight hiccup.
a needed hibernation.
a regrouping.
a month spent in gratitude.

in gratitude mosaic

november is a dark month here in new england. it’s the hardest for me i think. it feels like the slippery slope leading down down down into the darkness of short days and long nights. others might argue that february is hardest here in the north country but i disagree (having only had one under my belt, ahem!) february for us is a busy time filled with birthdays and a visual expression of pulling oneself up into light with each day growing longer by the minute and the ever elusive spring always just around the corner. yes, february is easier for me to swallow with birthday cakes and ice cream.

november is another story.
and thus a gratitude project.
last year it was what carried me through.
it’s a great practice in daily mindfulness.

so, while i’ve been silent here in blogland i’ve been shooting images every day with my iphone because that little device often acts as a lifeline and keeps me present in the moment of everyday photography.

in gratitude 2 mosaic

this month i was:

  • grateful for reclusive artists and the partnership that flows between.
  • thankful for radical acts of love
  • thankful for laughing children, hide and seek, cornfield picnics, and this sweet annie dog.
  • this man this lover this partner, grateful for him and how he sees the world.
  • thankful for photography and the inspiration that comes with the first snow of the season.
  • grateful for the right to choose. thankful for the right to vote.
  • thankful for the nights my mom visits me in my dreams, even though it’s absolutely heartbreaking.
  • thankful for this colorful world, a helpful reminder for a most grey wet november day.
  • grateful for productive work days fueled by laughter, photography, sunshine, nachos, and stolen halloween candy.
  • thankful for this messy life and the lessons we learn together.
  • thankful for sunday drives that lead us to thrifted bliss.
  • our favorite alley, thankful for their smiles and a day together in portland.
  • thankful for this art of juggling, crazy as it makes me.
  • grateful for the light and dark. thank you for the sun today.
  • thankful for this day, cold as it is, grateful for technology that allows these conversations that float through this very sky connecting maine to london and canada. thankful for these connections, these women, this laughter.
  • birds on wires. thankful today for the searching and the finding.
  • thankful for this busy day, moving boys into new bedrooms and parents into new yurts, baking cakes and birthday wishes and family around us.
  • strangely grateful for the broken washing machine because it gave me this day in town with my love and my sweet river. laundromat, lunch, and a walk to the candy shop.
  • thankful for what? my coping mechanisms and the delusion i have that when the shit hits the fan it can splatter into a picasso. today? yes. because everybody’s a scared little kid in the face of death and i multitask carrying that weight alongside my endless fascination with frost.
  • thankful for sunshine and friendship
  • thankful for this boy who made me a momma.
  • thankful for this day. this moment. this life.
  • today i’m thankful for the little things like hanging curtains in our new bedroom yurt.
  • thankful for alone time and together time. a day to myself in portland a thrifting meetup with mainemomma. long live the coat of happiness and headcover giggles.
  • thankful for this epic day of gatherings and blended families, thanksgiving feasts. this is the reminder that our past does not define us, it simply brought us to where we are now (which is as amazing as this sunset from our long drive home)
  • thankful for my love and an impromptu date night in portland.
  • grateful for this city, this maine. this art-filled life and the eyes to see it.
  • grateful for this sweet soul of a boy who made me a momma. i’m thankful he’s back home after time away.
  • thankful for this space, our master bedroom, the love that built it, and the sanctuary it has become for all the members of our family.
  • thankful for this friday to finish my week, this laughter to finish this month, and these true smiles that come with real life.

if you feel so inclined, share with me what you have been feeling grateful for these days!
ps: i’ve missed you