52 of you

“Women are the primary resource of the planet.
They give birth, we come from them.
They are mothers, they are visionaries, they are the future.
If we can figure out how to make women feel safe and honor women,
it would be parallel or equal to honoring life itself.”
– Eve Ensler

52 of you mosaic

NOW YOU Workshops focuses on turning the camera lens inward as we explore the everyday beauty of self portraits. The global NOW YOU community is a soft place to land at the end of a long day. It’s a place where photography and women can meet in the middle of 7 different continents.

Are you looking for your proof? Are you seeking a photography tribe? You are not alone. Kristin Zecchinelli and I are so excited to share our newest creation. This eCourse was born out of desire, companionship, global community, and shared inspiration. 52 of YOU is a year long gathering of creative minds. This project is our third in a series of self portraiture classes provided online. Whether you’ve been taking self portraits for years or just getting started in front of the camera lens, throughout this year, we’ll grow together. 52 of YOU is 52 weeks of community, conversation, and collaboration. You’ll discover that the global NOW YOU community is a soft place to land at the end of a long day. It’s a place where photography and women can meet in the middle of 7 different continents. You’ll receive insightful prompts to guide you on your journey and inspiration to keep the focus on you through 52 weeks of self portraits. This yearlong project is designed for those women already on the path of self exploration and those newly curious about self exploration. This class is designed for those women seeking a community and teachers to share conversation, inspiration, and motivation.

Our cameras are our tools.
Our art is our self.
NOW it’s time for YOU.

With our first eCourses we learned quickly how important community is. In our six week classes, we are so focused and concentrated on self portraiture… we are literally together (online and in our thoughts) that during non-class times we tend to lose our focus. Not only do we miss one another, but we are not inspiring and pushing one another creatively. By having a year long project to gather around, we can keep that spark lit with a less intense yet day to day journey.

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 NOW YOU :: 52 of YOU

Themes to be explored in NOW YOU :: 52 of YOU

Now You workshops have a personal focus on permission and safety.  In this course we will explore 52 different varying themes on self portraiture. This will include whimsy, black and white, full body images, comfort zones, details, and finding (and accepting) all the versions of ourselves as photographers and women. Through this year together, we will seek and find our proof through intentional photography.

Description of class:

  • 52 weeks of online collaboration
  • registration opens Dec 3rd- Dec 31, 2012
  • class runs Jan 7th – Dec 30, 2013
  • Monday prompts delivered to your inbox
  • Friday fun weekly wrap-up (inspiration, quotes, interviews, surprises!)
  • private flickr group to share your self portrait journey and access our group discussions

Class Materials:

  • camera
  • self
  • flickr account

As mothers, women, and artists we are focused on documenting the everyday beauty of our lives, our homes, and our families. As photographers, we are good at seeing the beauty of the world around us. We discovered that women were missing from their family photos. We recognized this need for all women, and NOW YOU Workshops was born. Now is the time to honor ourselves by finding our place in it. What do we want to remember? What is our place in the chaos? What is our place in the joy?

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