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gathering wishes

tuesday morning self. gathering wishes. iphone4

earlier this week i was asked to participate in a roundtable discussion on mobile phone photography. a great discussion it was!  you can listen to the podcast here… it’s an hour of photo love and all things camera phone related (with a few extra goodies thrown in for good measure) although technically surreal as it often goes with skyped conference calls, it was a great experience and one i’m happy to share for those of you interested in iphoneography.

sitting with me at the roundtable were two brilliant women photographers. more than friends of mine, mentors and sisters on similar paths: Stephanie Roberts, author of The Art of iPhoneography and Tracey Clark, founder of Shutter Sisters, and author to Expressive Photography and Elevate the Everyday. (you can read more about elevating the everyday here)

so, if you have a moment during your day, pop in this podcast and join the conversation!

note to self: being part of a podcast itself is a surreal experience as i often have to remind myself that i am not just listening to the podcast but i am participating in it! life is funny like that.

geeking out

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