solstice :: light and dark

solstice light-2

i tend to place importance on this day. it’s what gets me through the month of november, and it’s what lures me to believe that even though winter hasn’t nearly started… it’s almost over. {because this shortest day of the year also means that every single day from this point forward receives more and more light.}

it’s snowing here today, mixed with rain and the white blanket sky that covers us in winter. i gazed out at the woods surrounding us this morning. cold feet tucked inside slippers, passing through our sunroom as the woodstove crackled… i reached for my camera. in doing so, i thought about how photography helps me shape my world. there are many different ways to see, the glass and mirrors of my nikon help me focus on the light that gets me through the day. does my day look different than this image? perhaps. it’s colder and darker and wetter than pictured. but this is how i choose to see it. when darkness is inevitable, i focus on the light.

“Your imagination is more real that then the world you see,
because the world you see comes from what you imagine and believe!
What you believe and feel to be true is what will be your life.”
– Rhonda Byrne