i don’t always understand the way  things come about. meaning: i don’t really question them. things mostly come about like a lightbulb turning on… sometimes i’m left feeling unguarded when it switches from dark to light. but mostly it feels like a reassurance that i’m on a path, and serving a purpose, and creating something that will help me grow as a person and photographer.

so i hesitate to share this here, because this is the beginning of something unknown, but something i feel pulled towards. why now? because of a single moment caught and preserved. because i remembered my own words and wanted to swallow them as medicine for myself and my family this year. because i know the power of shooting to see with new eyes, every single day. and because i shoot every single day anyway… i can gift myself this presence and it will hopefully guide me through my life this year.

1-365 crophello. hi. this was day 1/365

2-365and this was the photo. 2/365 the moment. the lightbulb that turned on when i saw this scene. these three boys. becoming who they are as individuals. becoming who they are together. how they stand united and apart. how their loyalties shift and dance. how they were brought together under one roof by a father and a mother, separately. we are not bound by blood, yet together we make a blended family. and because of this, they navigate (sometimes harshly) the waters that are steeped with new family/sibling dynamics and titles like “brothers” and “step brothers”… it’s seldom easy. nothing is. but this was the image that made me realize my heart needs this, to process this, to let in this love and to breathe out this difficulty as we guide our boys into this new family. i need to see my life in 365. sometimes all it takes to jump is a single photo.

3-365and here is the view that made me realize i had already begun. 3/365

so, welcome to the start of my 365 project. after completing a 365 and then subsequently taking a year (or two?) off, who knows where this will take me. who knows how it will grow us. i’ve got no expectations, i just want to be in my life with my camera in hand. i’m not sure how much of it i’ll make public as it was born to be a private journey of self and love and family. no doubt, i’ll be sharing images along the way…

and to those of you embarking a 365 journey this year as well, you are not alone.