you are loved you are loved you are loved

iphone portland

i want you to feel loved… and special.
each of you: as individuals, as children, as brothers and step brothers.
to know how important you are to the world.
to see how beautiful life is,
to accept all the different shapes of family,
as you grow and find your place in it.
as we stumble together with words and feelings and pasts and futures.
yes, life is heavy for some, but light-filled nonetheless.
you are loved you are loved you are loved.
these words are equivalent of looking into another set of eyes
and speaking the truth.
from one heart to another.
and hoping that the love is received,
believed, swallowed whole to remain inside of you…
you know, for those days when it’s not so sunny.
when you forget the goodness that is around you.
for those days,
i want you to remember this sacred space we create
here with family…
and let it live inside of you.
home is a place we leave and come back to again and again.
home is a place of creation,
where we come to be ourselves.
where we come to find ourselves.
home is home no matter where you live.