inside outside inside

we’ve made it to february at last!

roaring applause for the shortest month! this is the lingering winter we’ve almost beat now with hopes of spring and the renewal it brings. these are the final days counted down until birthdays and birthdays (again) and sweet valentines and winter break! i’m certainly not wishing time away, but it’s just that we’ve been looking forward to february with all our might… since the days got short and dark, february was my glimmer of hope.

and now? well, here it is.

to celebrate the first day of february i’m sharing a visual hour from my day. my world. my life. my camera. my world again. it spins round and round. easy to think of this tedium as nonsensical, easy to brush it off as routine, easy to push on through life without truly seeing any of it. i find that when i pause even if briefly throughout my day to document my surroundings (me in my world) it gives me a certain perspective that would otherwise go missing.

inside. outside. inside again.


(party socks and raindrops)


my view from the daily commute


(boots and puddles)


the view to start my workday

inside again



happy february everyone!