seasons change…

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hello! it’s officially mud season here in new england, our driveway and walkway is a sloppy mess of mud and yet there’s still three foot banks of snow in the yard perfect for snow fort making. ah, the confusion of seasons. it’s welcome, all this mud, because it only means one thing… spring is near! when i noticed the maple trees being tapped a week ago and buckets hanging like the sweetness collectors that they are… it made my heart leap with recognition of spring. there’s no denying the weather (even when it’s snowing outside) spring will be here before we know it!

and with spring comes registration for NOW YOU Workshops! kristin and i are offering our beginning class again for anyone who missed it last year. this is the introductory class that will get your feet wet with self portraits. Now You :: The Beginning is our first in a series of self portraiture classes provided online. it’s a 6 week introductory e-course that will turn your camera lens inward as we explore the everyday beauty of self portraits. The NOW YOU community is one of support and guidance, it’s a great place to explore yourself and your place in the world through photography.

we opened registration last friday to celebrate the first day of March and there’s already a great gathering of NOW YOU’ers! it’s going to be a fantastic springtime. will you be joining us for six weeks of community, conversation, and collaboration? for those of you new to NOW YOU, you can read about our eCourses here and for those of you ready to jump in this spring, you can register for Now You :: The Beginning here. registration runs March 1st – 29th and class begins April 1, 2013!