hip mama


i was pretty thrilled to hear the news that Ariel Gore was returning as the Editor of Hip Mama Magazine… and that they were relaunching for their 20 year anniversary! i’m partial to this publication for many reasons, and not just because it was the very first time i had a piece of mine published in a print magazine … way back in 2007! Hip Mama issue #38. Nikki McClure was on the cover of this labor issue. Nikki is also the cover artist for Taproot Magazine for 2013. six years later… i’m still writing and forging a career out of art and soul and believing wholeheartedly in independent publications. i love when life comes full circle, and when creative circles cross paths again. i had fun digging up this back issue and remembering the thrill of it all those years ago.

i’m partial to this magazine for my early writing beginnings, but also because of what the magazine means to so many women and men out there. in a time when print magazines are seen as a dying breed, it’s important to keep our voices strong. we want more independent, like-minded, radical magazines to counter the culture that is often shoved down our throats in the grocery store checkout line. this is the reminder that we are not alone in our parenting, in our beliefs, in our political mind, in our gender, in our choice of marriages, and in our art.

to help with their relaunch, Hip Mama has a kickstarter page for backers to show their support. You should check out the video and show your support, every dollar helps this cause!