hello hasselblad

hands content 

a few weeks ago while i was in austin, i got my hands on a Hasselblad 500 series from 1978. (note the green grass of austin! i took that shot with my iPhone)

the deep breath, the pause, the act of slowing down that you discover with film photography is exactly what i need to embrace in my life these days. i hemmed and hawed over this decision (because i often don’t know what is best for me, a good friend of mine gave me a not so gentle nudge) so, there she is. she’s mine. and i’ve shown her a lot of my world so far. i’m excited to think of all the places we’ll go together, all the things we’ll see. i do believe she makes magic.

i’ve run a few rolls of film through her so far and i couldn’t be more pleased. i am totally smitten. she makes me dizzy and giddy. she makes me laugh and wish i could always see the world as it appears through her viewfinder. she causes me to slow my step, to practice mindfulness before thinking of pressing the shutter.

our most recent adventure happened just before sunset on a grey overcast day. we ventured down to the river, and i am happy with how the film really represents the feeling from that evening. (you can see the difference in sunshine and daylight with the images she produced here from a different day) sometimes venturing into the woods feels like going back in time. sometimes the river and a roll of film is exactly what i need. thank you, universe.