reflections on maine

i come back again and again to the things i love. the things i’m drawn to. even through bouts of silence, i come back.

whatever happened to blogging? the world got too big, the world got too small. it grew windows and i built walls. i’m not always sure how best to arrive here in this space after long stretches of silence… other than to wrap my head around thoughts that swirl and notes to self. it’s a slight bubbly feeling, not a nagging, but a calling. hey, over here. shine some light here.

and so i arrive.

if nothing else, for me. an outlet. a practice. a purge. never again how things used to be, but moving forward with how things are now. these are my notes to self. reflections on maine. my happy place. my inside outside upside down world.


reflections on maine3

reflections on maine

reflections on maine2