here we are again at the beginning. funny how it works that way, everything is a circle. anniversaries mark the start of love and commitment, they also mark births, deaths, and the important days between. i realized this today as i double checked the calendar and confirmed (in my mind, what my body had been feeling all week: transition) that today marks an important day, one a body does not forget. muscle mass and brain tissue merge into memory and action. i’ll mention it to all our boys tonight at dinner, maybe we’ll look back on all the places we’ve been together.

today, three years ago, we came here. home.

today marks the beginning of our third year here. river and i packed up and drove to new england on september 6, 2011. it feels so far away and yet i remember it clearly. i said a tearful goodbye to my mother and  told her i’d see her in maine. river and i spent the night on the road and then drove home… arriving on a friday afternoon just like today. a beautiful sunny day, burgers on the grill, and kids getting to know each other.

and here we are.