taproot at squam



last weekend found me surrounded by like-minded folks at the Taproot Gathering at Squam. i spent the weekend there, embraced by the beauty that is New Hampshire on the cusp of fall. i feel so blessed to live so close to Squam Lake, and yet it sometimes takes getting out of my own small town to realize how amazing this region really is! (the forest for the trees? ahem.)

the day before leaving for Squam Lake, we had a very special night with the oldest of the boys. taking a 10 year old to see Michael Franti and Spearhead in Portland was absolutely one of the best co-parenting moments we’ve experienced in these three years. it was a super secret, so when friday rolled around, steve and i were both so excited to share the news with him. it was such a great time, just the three of us dancing and singing and feeling the overall joy that comes with live music.  and yes, he was invited on stage! definitely mind-blowing. yes, he was pulled up onto a platform to dance while Michael Franti sang a foot away from us! rock star sweat dripped on him. (we assured him this was good mojo!) it was an amazing night (and a shared experience) that we will never forget. what a celebration of love to start the weekend!

however, in the rushing out the door (or, rather, off the boat!) saturday morning i haphazardly forgot my camera. so i took this as a sign to revel in all that Squam Lake had to offer in quiet and reassuring ways. i took only a few photos with my iPhone during my weekend there. i often find myself not sure how best to document the quiet, the conversation, the amazing food (!) and the ambience of this peaceful environment without disturbing those around me. mostly because i am simply in awe, i suppose. i never did make a good event photographer! for me, it’s always amazing to see real faces come out from the online world; to engage in real conversations and share meals with folks from across many states. it’s often more than what my camera can adequately capture.

you can read more thoughts on the Taproot website blog, Ramblings. you’ll see some lovely images by Amanda and Jason there too! they really captured the essence of this gathering.




so, this weekend we are getting ready to venture north to Common Ground Fair. it’s becoming  a great tradition and one i look forward to each year! fall is a busy time of year here in New England as we are out enjoying the last harvests and every bit of sunshine we can get before winter makes its presence known. we are in between seasons here. chilly mornings and warm sunny days. fires needed at night and extra blankets for snuggling at breakfast. it never ceases to amaze me just how child-like i feel with each season change.