this kid

this kid. i watched him playing earlier this week and it reminded me of the favorite playgrounds of our past. it’s the way he’d linger in these windows, portals to the insides and outsides. the way he’d converse with those on the outside, trying to lure them into his world, his story. i grabbed this shot of him with my iphone…



and it brought me back to a three year old river: with five years in between.

this kid

nothing changes and everything changes.

this kid1

are we always the same as we’ve ever been? is there wiggle room in life for fate and love to shift and shape us into who we will become? this serious kid is still mostly serious, yet he has found a lightness with age. and it’s just the reminder i need for my own self. as i watch him grow, i recognize my own growth and just how far we’ve come in these five years.