hello october

hello october

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” 
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

it’s a month of hustling about, getting this and that ready for the great long winter. last minute to-do’s added to the ever growing list: the house always in need of winterizing, new projects started or finished, the garden needs to be put to sleep, work deadlines need to be met, children fed, homework checked… atleast all the wood is stacked (thank you, my love.)

it’s important, in the middle of this season, to bring  p a u s e  to our daily life. it’s so easy to get swept up in all the things we must do in order to prepare for winter that it’s easy to let this pause slip past without mention of a deep breath. an actual inhale and exhale.

last week i took a short little road trip to pick up a vintage (can you say turquoise schwinn?!) exercise bike because i am determined to get into shape this winter. yes, cross country skiing is always there right out my door and in the field just beyond the house, but because i work from home and i know myself too well…  i know that i need something indoors too, to keep me going on my health and fitness challenge. (i’m also determined to re-learn how to knit this winter and not let it stress me out into the smallest tightest knots possible… but that’s another conversation. perhaps i will accomplish both simultaneously? knitting while biking?) for now, i’m riding a few miles in the morning while i go through and check my emails and go about reading and writing at the beginning of my day. for me, this exercise bike has proven to be a space i can get my head (and heart) into that opens a door to more creative productivity.

and that’s a good thing.

especially with winter fast approaching.

so, last week, while driving out of town to retrieve this vintage piece of loveliness, i was a bit frantic with all that had to be done when i got home. hurry hurry! hustle hustle! it’s easy to get tied to the clock and feel it racing against you. this was the mind space i was in when i looked out the passenger window and caught this view. it instantly reminded me to slow down. and pull over. and stop. and get out and walk (with camera in hand) to admire the beauty that is here right now before us. inhale. and exhale. feet on the ground.

this is the pause. i have to force it upon me most days. always, always, it is there. waiting to be remembered.

happy october everyone. may this be a month of many pauses.