a day in the life

about a week or so into my November Gratitude Project, we had a home day, a mandatory no school no work day for four out of five of us. our days here begin quite early, thanks to daylight savings, and this day was no different. without having to get dressed though, and off to school in a hurry of shoes and backpacks, we all had time to linger in one another’s presence and simply be together. it was rather nice. me and three boys. our day flowed and after breakfast #1, breakfast #2, and breakfast #3, i found myself stopping to document moments along the way.



the start of a four day weekend. 8am deep into the game of life.



10am two rivers. lego club magazine and our yurt couch series.




12pm words with friends + smoothies.





2pm our first snowflakes of the season.



4pm snail mail. good tunes and kind words.

i find that when i pause this way, it shows me an endless wellspring of gratitude. for on this day, i found not just one thing to be grateful for… but three boys and hours of time together.