winter wonderland


oh december! it’s a whirlwind, this month. that’s for sure. energy is bustling and holidays bring about their own sense of crazy (both good and chaotic) in addition to families and extended families and first families and second families, we’re finding again and again that it’s most important to step into this month with a heart full of compassion.

it’s this pause that i crave.

today i stopped by our bookstore and picked up a copy of the latest DP Magazine issue (dec 2013) and flipped through the pages, landing here, on a feature article i wrote about winter photography. a slow smile formed on their faces, as i showed our boys their photo here in the pages. needless to say, they were quite pleased by being “famous”.

minutes later, when i took this shot to document the moment, i realized that i have my mother’s hands. and i stopped for a second in the window light and sat with that feeling. knowing she won’t have the chance to get to know our boys, to watch them grow up, to be the nana she was so good at being. i held that moment with compassion for the raw truth of what life offers, and then i snapped the photo.

this is the pause. this is the recognition of emotion. this is the acceptance and release of things that are out of our control. this is my reminder for the month of december.

let’s go kindly into this month, shall we? with each other and with our families (those that live under our roof and those that are tied only by past lives held together by strings of divorce and the children that swing between the two) let’s move kindly into the future. we are rewriting our stories, each and every day, one page and one photo at a time.