ramblings and reclaim


(photo by Taproot Magazine Editor, amanda soule)

by now, copies of Taproot’s RECLAIM issue are arriving in mailboxes, independent bookstores, and local health food stores all over the US (hopefully in your area too!) this issue is a beauty. do i say that about every issue? maybe. but this one, with the final cover art from Nikki McClure and full to the brim with amazing crafts, recipes, and stories from real life… well, it’s a work of art. i’m so proud to be a part of this print only, advertising free, independently published journal. i’ll share more from its pages here soon: i have a photography article in this issue that i’m excited to share with the public (with original ferrotypes and thoughts on the slow photography movement at the forefront of my mind these days.)

last week i had the chance to interview the 2014 cover artist for Taproot Magazine, Geninne Zlatkis. i always love a good interview as it has the opportunity to provide an intimate window into the life of an artist (writer, photographer, overall interesting person i’d love to one day meet in real life).

i jumped at the chance to ask Geninne a few questions, after admiring her artwork from afar and following her daily story on instagram, it was a joy to further the conversation. you can find her interview over on the Taproot blog, Ramblings.