52 of YOU :: 2014


gifts are blessings. they are smiles bestowed on you from thrift store gods. gifts are abundance from the garden or sweets from the bakery. gifts are belly laughs with friends and tickle fights with children. gifts are free for all when you open your eyes and heart to love. gifts span miles and miles. gifts show up at your front door unannounced yet always welcome. gifts embrace you and allow others to be embraced too.

december light is a gift. it had been grey for so many days that when the light poured in, i sat myself down right there in it. and that was a gift to myself.

a gift may comes in surprising forms. 2013 is wrapping up and i’m looking back at the gift of community that was created through Now You Workshops in our 52 of YOU ecourse. gifts may be the surprise at the beginning of something unknown, like an ecourse on self portraiture. it becomes a gift of gathering, laughter, friendship. a gift of sharing, of being heard, and the gift of listening. a gift that lasts a year. these are our offerings, through this class. these are our blessings, we came to realize. these are the thoughts and intentions we set as we decided to open registration again for this class and to start anew in 2014.

we wanted to offer you this space. this community, this gathering, this well spring of creative women. because self care is a gift as well. find details for  registration for 52 of YOU :: 2014 on our website. this class is for those of you who took it in 2013 and cherished this time and requested a continuation of the gathering online. in 2014 this will become the gift of reflection: of moving forward into a new year together, with hindsight of all that we’ve come through. a gift of seeing ourselves, through a familiar list of prompts viewed with very different eyes… for all the change that comes with growth and passing time. a gift of a new journey, with old friends and new friends yet to be discovered. a gift of potential. and for those of you new to Now You, this is a gift beyond measuring. a year long project that connects you to your self, your own discovery, and a community of creative women following the same path as you. it’s a surprising gift, that’s for sure.

for those of you wanting to gift yourself a spot in our 52 weeks project for 2014, click here to find out more information.

This class is designed for those women seeking a community and teachers to share conversation, inspiration, and motivation. Please note that this 2014 offering is a repeat of our 2013 class. See yourself in this new year, in new ways, and look back on how far you’ve come together. All women are welcome to gather in the NOW with this amazing community. Reflect on the growth you’ve experienced from one year to the next… or invite new friends on your journey and gift them this exploration with prompts for the first time if they are new to the NOW YOU :: 52 of YOU community.