kids and social media


I wrote an article about kids and social media… you can read it in the latest issue of Taproot Magazine {Breathe :: issue 9}

“This is a world of smartphones and video games, a reality of the digital age in which we live. Kids are growing up treading water in a sea of technology, upgrading at a rate faster than adults know how to manage. This is the era in which they are being raised. The digital world has seemingly taken on a life of its own, and we are left holding the reins to an animal running fast in multiple directions. Together, my blended family is learning to navigate the parental controls of the Internet and social media, as our three boys gallop off in the direction of the teenage years.”

Fostering healthy connection in a modern world is part of our family’s balance. I would love to hear your stories and thoughts on how you discuss media literacy within the ecosystem of your own family.